City can raise P1.3b revenue

The city government is confident of attaining its targeted income of some P1.3 billion this year, City Mayor Constantino Jaraula yesterday said.

He said that with the full support and cooperation of city government workers and the taxpayers, the city government can achieve its targetted income.

Jaraula said that the local government is instituting various tax measures to make sure that the targeted revenue is attained.

Some of these measures involved enhanced tax collection strategies, vigorous tax information campaign and implement general revision of market values of land within tha capability of taxpayers.

Jaraula said the local government is also employing cost reduction and optimum utilization of resources and is making sure that all its economic enterprises are making profits.

“The city government is instituting various tax and revenue generating measures to make sure the P1.3b income is attained this year”

The other day, the city government was furious over the declaration of the Del Monte Philippines, Inc. (DMPI) as exempted from taxes being within an “economic zone.”

The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) approved DMPI’s application as part of the 28-hectare economic zone in Bugo, Cagayan de Oro City.

With the supposed tax exemption, the local government tends to lose P51 million in taxes critical to the city’s various socioeconomic particularly health and education this year, the city mayor said.

Jaraula said the city attorney’s office is now looking into the provision of the PEZA declaration on whether DMPI is exempted from paying business and real estate tax with the city government.

“If DMPI refused to pay business and real estate tax on the basis of PEZA’s declaration, the city government will go to court,” Jaraula added.

He said he is not afraid of bringing the matter (PEZA’s decision) to court. “At the moment, the city government is investigating the validity and legality of the PEZA declaration,” Jaraula added. By CRIS DIAZ Gold Star Daily

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