Dr. Dures E. Tagayuna Bids Adieu to J.R. Borja General Hospital

Dear Doki-Rich,

Happy New Year!

national”) on why I think Nationalization of our Hospital is advantageous to all concerned. No one really asked for my opinion on this matter so please allow me to impose it on you. It is not a complete list, I am sure. It may not even be totally true as I did not consult with anybody on this. But, these are my personal ideas and if proven wrong, again, I shall humbly accept.

My warmest regards to you, Jovy and your beautiful family. Pa sobra pa diay: my personal and humble thanks to Jovy who selflessly turned over her hospital showcase. It shows what kind of hearts you have and where our hospital lies in your lives. And, while I have thanked you for this, let me say that one of the peaks of my stay at the JRBGH was having a website: ALL OUR VERY OWN! And this was because of you… May blessings upon blessings come upon you.

Yours truly,