The J.R. Borja General Hospital as a Re-nationalized Hospital


1. Direction for this government health facility will be in line with the New Public Management System of the Health Sector.

a. The DOH is the authority in health systems
b. The DOH has the researches and projections on output that when put to use, will serve the best health interest of the populace of Cagayan de Oro City.
c. Rationalization of Health Resources based on Health Need for Cagayan de Oro City and Region X can be more fully studied and addressed.

2. The DOH has the budget for the Health Sector

a. A hospital under the DOH will have priority to its annual budget
b. The JRBGH need not compete with other services of the local government for its limited budget
c. The DOH has access to overseas funding agencies that regularly provides for the health sector and can direct some of these to the JRBGH
d. The LGU-run hospital will not need to constantly ask for a share in the national DOH budget for health; the JRBGH shall have a regular budget from DOH.
e. When properly managed with the appropriate directives, the JRBGH can further move towards sustainability with Corporatization and better fiscal management, thus providing for its own means to support advances and upgrading of facilities.

3. Continuing Education and training

a. DOH is the repository of brilliant minds in health: including training and education
b. DOH has regular training for its staff and personnel
c. Foreign-funded training coursed through the DOH will be available for the personnel of JRBGH
d. Services will be enhanced with training of the Administration, Nursing, Ancillary and Medical Staff of the Hospital

4. Hospital Services

a. All directives and orders of the DOH shall be implemented. These are guaranteed to provide optimum hospital health care for the patients.
b. Infrastructure completion can be factored into the short, medium and long-term plans of DOH for the JRBGH, hence completing the whole hospital as a Medical Center in probably 5-10 years.
c. Retention of Income can allow the hospital to continue to improve and add to its equipment complement to be able to provide the various basic and specialty hospital that is necessary in Cagayan de Oro.
d. A Revolving Drug Fund can be put into place immediately to correct the dearth of drugs and medicines. Emergency drugs shall then be always available for the hospital clientele.
e. Suppliers will not hesitate to negotiate with a re-nationalized hospital.

5. Personnel Benefits

a. DOH administrative orders shall provide the best milieu and work conditions for the staff of the JRBGH. Benefits shall be provided. The Magna Carta for Public Health Workers can be implemented.
b. National Qualification Standards and the Career Path for the Health Sector shall be implemented.

6. Others:

a. The hospital can continue to be named the J.R.Borja General Hospital and thus, hold on to the historical aspect of the hospital. It shall continue to be a City Hospital for Cagayan de Oro City but, more responsive to the City’s needs.
b. The JRBGH can be more involved in the Rationalization of Health Services for the City in particular and the whole region in general.
c. The JRBGH can be a more responsive Government Health Facility for Region X because an upgraded and properly managed hospital can provide the necessary tertiary health care while the Northern Mindanao Medical Center can be allowed to develop and provide Sub-specialty care. This will then mean that patients who need transplant surgery, advanced cardio-vascular and thoracic surgery, neuro-surgery and other services need not go to Cebu or Manila for such


1. Ownership will not anymore rest with the local government of Cagayan de Oro City.
2. Hiring, Firing and management will be turned-over to the National Government.

(Attachment: Dr. Tagayuna’s letter)