Thirty-five percent of Kagay-anons access the Internet, maintain blogs

Manila – Internet use is not restricted to big cities like Metro Manila, Jay Bautista, Nielsen’s executive director for media, said.

The study revealed that 35 percent of Filipinos from Cagayan de Oro City have accessed the Internet last month.

“Internet use has spread across the country. An estimated 15 to 20 million Filipinos are currently online,” Bautista said.

He explained that the mushrooming of Internet cafes, even outside Metro Manila, has contributed significantly to the increase in Internet use among Filipinos.

Since January, 71 percent accessed the Internet through net cafes.

The study also revealed that the Internet has enjoyed popularity not only in the upper and middle brackets but also in the lower classes, where 15 percent already have home Internet access.

“This study reveals the opportunity for marketers and media planners in the Philippines to re-examine advertising strategies and utilize the Internet as an effective way to reach and engage

with target consumers,” Jojo Anonuevo, Yahoo! general manager, said. Filipinos are fast becoming Internet-savvy netizens as more and more are going online,a recent study showed.

Filipino Internet users are likely to be younger than 29 years old, single, and better educated, Nielsen Company Philippines and Yahoo! said, citing a joint sudy it presented to the media.

The study was conducted via door-to-door interviews with 1,200 respondents from October to November 2008 and was intended to decode the Internet habits of Filipino users.

About 28 percent of Filipinos in National Urban Philippines have used the Internet in the past month, with five percent accessing the Web on a daily basis.

Filipinos between 10 to 19 years are the top users of the Internet.

Last month, 50 percent used the internet to access their e-mails, chat with family and friends, undertake reserach or play online games.

One out of three Filipinos also kept and maintained their own blogs.
Male netizens have used the Internet more than their female counterparts. Social networking has been seen as a key online activity among the single crowd.

Fifty-one percent admitted having visited social networking sites like Friendster in the past month.
The joint study also aims to help businessmen determine formulate their marketing strategies. –

GMANEWS.TV April 2, 2009

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