Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village, Cagayan de Oro City, Northern Mindanao – Philippines


Softly nestled within the slopes of Cugman Watershed in Cagayan de Oro City is a cultural domain of natural wonders aptly called the Garden of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village. Conceptualized in 1991, this ecology friendly cultural habitat was dreamily inspired by the picturesque gardens of Granada in Spain and Butchart Gardens of Canada. With breathtaking view of the Macajalar Bay, the Garden of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village distinctly sits on a 7.2-hectare area prominently etched with nature and eco-trails, connecting to 800 hectares of reforested area.


Garden of Malasag gives visitors a colorful glimpse of the ecology and rich ethno-Filipino heritage of Northern Mindanao, as showcased through various artifacts, customs and traditions, flora and fauna amidst a reforestation setting.


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