Pacquiao vs Hatton Match Result: Pacquiao Wins and Undercard Results


Congratulations to Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao for winning the Junior Featherweight championship stealing it from Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton after knocking out the latter on the 2nd round with a left hook. The fight as usual was started with the three national anthem, Philippines, England and USA. It was expected that Pacquiao and Hatton will end on the later round but it is not what happens. On the first round, Hatton already laid down twice after being hit by the strong and fast punches of the People’s Champ. It seems that the English man wasn’t able to survive the 2nd round after being punched by the strong left hook of the current champion. Pacquiao is now handling the best pound for pound crown of the world and who can stop him?

For the undercard fights, Lara dominated Gray after four rounds while Korobov wins over Bartenelli with TKO on the 2nd round. Jacobs on the other won over Walker with points and Soto knocked out Gaudet on the 9th round of their match.

Once again, Pacquiao your the best and we are proud of you! The Filipino people are proud of you. Mabuhay!