4th ID expects more surrender this year

The 4th Infantry Division accounted 34 New People’s Army rebels who surrendered.

They were from the Sandatahang Yunit pang Propaganda (NPA organizers recruiters and propagandists) to regular NPA fighters and finest cadres.

It was during the first quarter alone and it was an offshoot of the negotiation efforts by the 4ID and its subordinate units on the ground.

The idea was materialized since there is an emerging need, despite the absence of high-level talks between the government and National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).

The 4th ID recognizes that peaceful reolutions of conflict is ideal and must be undertaken with the active participation of people in the community and other sectors in search for sustainable positive peace.

The negotiations might not be the best way to attract rebels to give up the fight, but indicators tell us how effective it is. Surprisingly, we have received several surrender fillers through their relatives and family members due to hardship associated with hunger, restless, discomfort, fatigue, psychological pressures and develop a mindset of defeatism and mistrust due to opportunistic tendencies of their leaders.

It is worth noting that the government invested much on the high-level peace negotiation efforts to end up the decades old insurgency problem, but it ends up with low concession on the resolutions of some contentious issues due to the NDFP’s extreme demand in which the government cannot give in, for it might be a precursor to another problem that might occur in the future if favorably considered.

The negotiation away from the table is a paradigm shift to reach out directly to the long been exploited NPA fighters through the

economic packages and capacity building set in through the Social Integration Program to be able for them to equip to face new challenges for its reintegration in the mainstream of the democratic society without topping their high-ranking leaders who are often sitting in airconditioned rooms. With the unique feature of the program, it is not surprising that we expect influx of defectors by year-end. by Capt. Noli Canashiro 4th Civilian Military Operation Unit

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