Davao bans spitting in public

DAVAO CITY — After successfully banning smoking in public places, the city is now prohibiting spitting as well.

The City Council approved on Tuesday an ordinance that prohibits spitting in public places and provides penalties to those found violating it.

Spitting indiscriminately, while looked down on by higher society and those in more developed countries, is a common practice among Filipinos, especially here in the south.

Councilor Samuel Bangoy, the author of the ordinance, said anti-spitting has been banned in other countries and “it’s high time for the city to pioneer the country in its implementation.”

Bangoy, chairman of the committee on health, said a lot of diseases can be transmitted through spitting, especially tuberculosis which was never controlled until now.

The councilor said tuberculosis is among the diseases with high mortality rate in the country. It is contagious and airborne.

“Mycobacterism tuberculosis, the bacteria which causes TB, can survive in a dried state for weeks, possibly up to eight months,” Bangoy said.

He also said that with the passage of the ordinance, the transmission of communicable diseases like influenza A (H1N1) can be prevented.

The ordinance bans spitting in malls, restaurants, public transportations, parks and other public places.

Bangoy said the ordinance was properly explained during the committee hearings that were conducted with the representatives of various sectors.

“When we conducted a hearing, naa (sila) didto, ug wala man puy nag-object sa pag-approve sa kini nga ordinansa (they were all there, and nobody objected to the approval of the ordinance). With them, I don’t think there will be a problem,” he said.

Bangoy said he hopes the city mayor will approve the ordinance and the people will adhere to it.

“Wala man siguroy mali diri sa gipasa nato nga ordinance (I think there is nothing wrong with the ordinance that we passed). It concerns public health rin naman. I believe the city mayor is also very health conscious,” Bangoy said.

He said the penalties provided in the Anti-Spitting Ordinance is the same as stated in the Anti-Smoking Ordinance.

Penalties include P100 for first offense, P200 for second offense, and P300 for the third offense or a subsidiary imprisonment not exceeding six months, or both fine and imprisonment upon the discretion of the court. (Jade c. Zaldivar/Sun.Star Davao/Sunnex)


  1. Uyamot nga Cagayanon

    Good thing you have a doctor councilor who has a heart and voice of taking care the health of your kababayan. We are still waiting for that man here in Cagayan de Oro who will take care of the health our people. Ultim ang among city hospital pinasagdan man.

  2. isabel

    This law should be implemented in the entire Philippines since this can minimize the illnesses carried by the saliva. Spitting anywhere especially in a public place should be a taboo.

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