Not Again

“This would allow users in the hinterland villages to call and receive calls… blah, blah, blah…”

My goodness, this sounds very familiar. It is used to come from then-mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Emano. After releasing millions of pesos, we have yet to see the supposed “Telepono ng Baranggay” work. Unfortunately, it didnt. It only made some people rich, filthy rich and unpunished.

Now, Councilor Ian is parroting the same line and the mayor heading towards repeating history. This is fantastic, albeit absurd. The clamor for investigating the project did not prosper, it is being repeated wittingly.

Tell us it isn’t so, mayor. Tell us first what happened to Scantel that sound like “Scamtel”. Tell us what happened to the people who approved it and the people who financially benefited from it.

Wake up, Cagayanons. Are we going to allow this thing to happen again and again?  by Ben Contreras